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In the future, being a Rat is a potentially lucrative career. But working on the less-than-legal side of things isn't easy - your employers can't be trusted, your jobs are difficult and dangerous, and nothing ever goes quite to plan...

/RUN is a short-form, GM-less, card-based TTRPG, loosely themed around a forum in a cyberpunk future. 2-5 players will take on the role of Rats, or semi-legal freelance 'operatives', collaborating to tell short stories of how they complete various randomly-drawn Jobs - while facing down various Complications.

There are few totally safe places for Rats, but chief among them is the anonymised, heavily-encrypted Forum. It's used to pass on tips, recruit crews, review gear - and, of course, boast about their achievements. These (sometimes exaggerated) stories are the ones you'll be telling. Players will quickly create their Rats, then draw and narrate Jobs from a deck. The other players, however, have hands of Complications - cards representing twists or unexpected obstacles that can be played at any time...

Above all - this is a storytelling tool. Use it in whatever way is most fun for your group.

Features include:

  1. 16 Jobs for your Rats to undertake, from heists and dead drops to escapes and races.
  2. 16 Complications to face down, including explosions, breakages, blackouts and security patrols.
  3. A table to generate your own Forum usernames (or Handles), with appropriate 80s action-movie flavour.

Before you Play - either print out and cut up the Job and Complication cards, or use an online random name-picker if printing isn't possible. (Or just pick your favourites from the sheet.)

Note - this game is still in development, and this is the prototype version. The rules are complete and playable, but the visual design/layout/etc hasn't been implemented yet. Plus, the final version will include several more Jobs and Complications, extra rules for things like multi-Rat jobs and longer campaigns, and so on.

As always, thank you so much for playing - and I hope you enjoy the game!


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